DevOps Engineer

DesigningIT is a US based full-service digital agency that focuses on performance marketing on a global scale. We help companies plan, build and grow their digital presence. Our core disciplines include digital marketing strategies. UX/UI solutions, modern front end code, CMS integration, and online marketing in the form of SEO and PPC.

We are looking for experienced DevOps Engineer who can implement best practices and processes to speed up and automate aspects of the development, testing and releasing software, allowing for the continuous delivery of software and software updates.


- Knowledge to setup, configure AWS

- Experience with VPN and cloud servers.

- Mainly AWS (lightsail and EC2)

- Mainly DigitalOcean

- Experience with GIT/Bitbucket (pipelines) ..

- Knowledge and experience working with LEMP Stack (linux, nginx, mysql, php) [most important]

- Good knowledge of CMS systems, how to troubleshoot .. (wordpress, drupal etc)

- Past experience setting up and administering server-side technology and networked computing systems.

- Familiarity with SQL and database operations.

- Ability to prioritize a wide range of workloads with critical deadlines.

- Availability outside of working hours to resolve emergency issues promptly.

-English speaking level


- Configuring and maintaining the networked computer system, including cloud infrastructure (aws, digital ocean), system software, and applications.

- Ensuring data is stored securely and backed up regularly.

- Setting up repositories, deploy pipelines (bitbucket), databases, staging servers, production servers

- Diagnosing and resolving cloud infrastructure issues, application problems, networking, and system issues when they arise. (database, server, permission issues, etc.. )

- Replacing and upgrading defective or outdated components when necessary.

- Monitoring system performance to ensure everything runs smoothly and securely.

- Researching and recommending new approaches to improve the networked computer system.

- Providing technical support when requested.

- Configure LEMP stack, securly, and fasst.

- Documenting any processes which employees need to follow in order to successfully work within our computing system.

What do we offer?

- Flexible working hours Monday-Friday

- Remote work

- Annual paid vacation and covered sick leaves

- Paid English Tutoring

- Every 6 month salary raise consideration

- After 1 year of cooperation partial equipment sponsorship

- The opportunity for professional growth and clear employee roadmap

- Friendly atmosphere and loyal management

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