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DesigningIT is a boutique Digital Marketing Agency specializing on planning, building and marketing multilingual and multi-regional websites.


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Multilingual Website Design & Development

A multilingual website offers content in multiple languages.

Multi-regional Website Design & Development

Also called geotargeting, this type of website targets users in different countries or geographic regions. In addition, a multi-regional website can be multilingual. 

International E-Commerce

Global e-commerce is rapidly growing and will become the key growth driver for online businesses.

According to McKinsey, nearly 2 billion people will be in the consumer class by 2025, and they are looking to spend $30 trillion online. 

Selling internationally is easier than ever before, but you need a plan to successfully deal with currency, logistics, marketing, taxes & duty, and other nuances of cross border commerce.

International CMS

Having a CMS that is capable of handling multilingual or multi-regional websites is essential. 

Things like international SEO, connections to translation studios, control over your url, being able to handle international characters, deal with date formats and time formats are just a few items to consider when picking a CMS. 

Translation Workflow

Speaking to your international audience in their local language is one of the key aspects of a successful multilingual or multi-regional website.

We help you figure out who should translate your content, how the translation process should work, and how this seamlessly integrates into your business, website and CMS system.

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