Case Study on Washington Press Club Foundation Website Redesign by DesigningIT

by Florian Auckenthaler
09th Jun, 2022

In the following Case Study, the team at DesigningIT company will analyze The WPCF website, comparing the old version with the new, bringing out the new features and their benefits, and focusing on the user-friendliness of the UI/UX design.
The case for WPCF is important to study for many reasons, including 

1. Quantify Results

2. Express Previous Successes

3. The process of improvements on the website 

4. To see a clear WorkFlow Pipeline

The case study will be conducted in steps to cover all the processes and changes made to the website.

About the company

The Washington Press Club Foundation (WPCF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote equality, education, and excellence among journalists in print and broadcast media.
The Foundation is the descendent of the Women's National Press Club, which was founded in 1919 to ensure that women were equally represented in the newsroom. Today, the Foundation continues to support equality and diversity in the newsroom through its various programs and outreach endeavors.

Present old website and main issues

The WPCF website was created in 2011 and has not been updated since then. The website needed updates and features that would make the website design more user-friendly. Its functionality did not meet their operational needs, and its monitoring was not sufficient for their requirements.

WPCF approached us to redesign their website in order to increase engagement, information flow as well as strengthen their brand identity.

Due to the lack of coding updates and necessary changes, the website had the following issues negatively affecting the website's performance and it was hard to monitor the traffic.

- It was outdated with an old CMS system that had reached the end of life

- The client was not able to make edits to the content on their own which lead to issues of adding new content to their site of regular updates.

- The website was not optimized for mobile phones and it did break when used on mobile devices.

- Slow loading time

- Poor on-site SEO

- Confusing user journey

- Missing CTAs

- Unattractive Headers

- The changes in the website interface have positively changed, making it more appealing, engaging, and user-friendly.

WPCF Old Website

WPCF New Website

Main Services provided for WPCF

The team at DesigningIT has been challenged to provide the following services which were carried out with the best practices.

The team at DesigningIT worked with the WPCF to outline the needs of their website and understand what they wanted from their new website design. We then created wireframes based on these discussions as well as UX and UI mockups, which were presented to the client for feedback before moving on to implementation. 

After implementation, we migrated all of the content over from their old system using CraftCMS to make sure everything migrated properly. We also created a workflow pipeline so that future updates could be made more efficiently for them in the future.

The results of our work were impressive: 

UX UI of new website design

We designed and developed a website that is not only user-friendly but also visually appealing, with a user experience far beyond what the competition offers. The website has slide down options for the header and main navigation which makes it super easy for the users to find what they need.

Deploy Workflow

The team created a modern deploy workflow for the new website. This allows DesigningIT to continue working on the code base, develop new features and push updates.

This deploy workflow includes a local copy of the website on our developers' computers, then a staging server which is accessible online through a password, and finally the live website. Everything is connected through version control which allows the team to test and safely and efficiently move updates between the environments. 

With this method, the website will have.

1. Reduced Errors

2. Full code backup

3. Increased security

4. Better control

CMS System

CMS system is a flexible, extensible content management system for building bespoke digital experiences.
It features:

1. An intuitive, accessible control panel

2. Powerful content modeling that doesn’t make assumptions about how your project should be structured.

3. Room to scale with unlimited content and users, a built-in templating system and headless APIs, and self-hosted so you have full control over your data and infrastructure.


DesigningIT is aimed to see all of its clients succeed and reach their utmost potential. We value flexibility, customer focus, and the greatest quality in everything our team signs up for!

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